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Their convictions were overturned by the California Supreme Court on a technicality a year later and all the convicted killers were released. PARKING There are many paid parking lots located around El Pueblo.We are also conveniently located near several public transit stops and across the street from Union Station.

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Eight men were held responsible and was sentenced to Sam Quentin.Co-presented by the Chinese American Museum and VP Records, join us at Pico House for a reggae concert featuring The Simpkin Project and Chinee Goldentouch.There will be a pre-concert talk about the Chinese influence on Caribbean music highlighting Jamaica-born Pat Chin, co-founder of VP Records -the largest independent reggae music distributor.Across the plaza from CAM and across the street from Union Station Until the political ferment of the Long Sixties, there were no Asian Americans. 24, 1871, a Latino police officer and a white resident Robert Thompson entered Chinatown to break up a gun fight between members of rival Chinese tongs.There were only isolated communities of mostly Chinese, Japanese, and Filipinos lumped together as “Orientals.” Serve the People tells the story of the social and cultural movement that knit these disparate communities into a political identity, the history of how—and why—the double consciousness of Asian America came to be. Ishizuka is a third-generation American of Japanese descent who was part of the Asian American movement in Los Angeles. and has hundreds of broadcast and non-broadcast programs to her credit. Whether by anger or accident, Thompson was shot to death.

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