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Daniel is more of a talker, while softly spoken Jonny takes a back seat, interrupting him only when he goes off topic.The two remained close through secondary school and followed one another to Leeds Metropolitan University, where they both studied business and dabbled in ‘sideline ventures’ to earn cash: ‘organising events, buying clothing and then selling it on to students’. ‘There are 800,000 babies born each year in the UK, but no one was doing high-quality personalised gifts [all of their products are customised with the child’s name] at an affordable price [their babygros start at £12, trainers at £20]. Their families, however, were sceptical when the two announced their plans.In our test, your server responded in 0.83 seconds.There are many factors that can slow down your server response time.Instead, the fuss was about a £27 towelling dressing gown with blue gingham trim worn by Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge – then just two years old – to meet President Obama of the United States back in April.When his parents invited Mr and Mrs Obama for early evening drinks at their Kensington Palace apartment, our future king – fresh from his bath and ready for bed – seemed bemused by the attention, but the world cooed as the President knelt to chat to him beside the rocking horse the Obamas had brought him as a present.And that bathrobe, with ‘George’ spelled out in baby blue, has changed the fortunes of one small company for ever.I am sitting in the low-key offices of My 1st Years, the personalised baby-gifting website that pulled off this coup, with its two founders, Daniel Price and Jonny Sitton.

‘It’s a good thing we sent it on the large side,’ says Daniel.)Within minutes of media outlets revealing that My 1st Years was the brand behind the robe, its website crashed and the dressing gown sold out; even now the site is receiving a huge number of hits.

Daniel has been spurred on by the loss of his father, to cancer, when he was 13.

‘Dad worked in advertising, but was entrepreneurial at heart. Instead of becoming negative when he died, I became very determined.

Daniel and Jonny appeared on CNN right after the event and are poised to launch in the US.

Their customer base has spread from two countries to ten and turnover has leapt from £4.4 million last year to £7 million this year.

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