Cheerleaders and football players dating

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“The shower curtain has been pulled down: the soap dish is broken off.” On the towel rack is Jen’s freshly washed purple-and-white cheerleading skirt.

Sarah’s skirt is discovered twirled over a drying rack in the basement.

In fact, the Dryden boys display such grit at the Preseason Invitational football game that fans begin to believe as the players do: that the upcoming season will bring them another division championship. on September 10, when Scott Pace, one of the most brilliant players ever to attend the school, the unofficial leader of the team, a popular, handsome, dark-haired senior, rushes out of football practice to meet his parents and is killed in a car crash. To the students of Dryden High, it just feels as if fate or something has messed up in a major way, and everybody seems as unhappy as can be. Tiffany Starr, captain of the Dryden High cheerleaders, arrives.

The short-skirted purple uniform looks charming on the well-built girl with the large, sad, blue eyes.

She watches the troopers go in and out of the house, and waits—full of hope—to speak to an official. They’re everywhere.”Gary Gelinger, an investigator with the state police, is in Mc Lean interviewing the neighbors of the Hajney family.

What no one knows yet is that Katie could have been the third girl in the trunk. The first kitchen table at which he is invited to sit on Saturday morning belongs to John and Patricia Andrews.

The glorious pile of salmon-colored bricks stands on a hill looking out on the town, the mountains, the ponds, and the honey-and-russet-colored fields stretching as far as the eye can see.

In the summer, the Purple Lions of Dryden High ride out to the fields and the ponds and build bonfires that singe the boys’ bare legs and blow cinders into the girls’ hair. The girls are practicing their cheerleading routines and the boys are developing great packs of muscles in the football team’s weight room; everybody laughs and everybody roars and the fields around town look like they’ve been trampled by a pride of actual lions. But sadder still is the fact that Scott’s older brother, Billy, a tall, dazzling Dryden athlete, as loved and admired as Scott, had been killed in a car crash almost exactly one year before. But little does anyone dream that Scott Pace’s death will be the beginning of one of the strangest high school tragedies of all time: how, in four years, a stouthearted cheerleader named Tiffany Starr will see three football players, three fellow cheerleaders, and the beloved football coach of her little country school all end up dead.***At a home football game, Friday evening, October 4, 1996, three weeks after the death of Scott Pace, townspeople keep talking about the team and the school “recovering” and “pulling together,” but the truth is, nobody can deal.

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“Sarah’s parents have gotten the call [they are in Bar Harbor, Maine, for a four-day vacation] and are on their way back.”The first break in the case occurs almost immediately: The Hajney’s Chevy Lumina, which was missing, is found about seven miles from the house in a parking lot of the Cortland Line Company, a well-known maker of fly-fishing equipment.

Major Foley (at the time of the girls’ disappearance he is Captain Foley, zone commander of Troop C Barracks, which heads up the hunt) is a trim man in enormous aviators, a purple tie modeled after the sash of the Roman Praetorian guard, and a crisply ironed, slate-gray uniform. “Ron Bolduc calls me because he’s concerned he’s not going to get the appropriate response from the state police. And what I do is, I ask that a fellow by the name of Investigator Bill Bean be sent.

The creases in his trousers are so fierce they look like crowbars are sewn into them. A missing 16-year-old girl—this happens all the time. This is unusual for us to send an investigator for a missing girl.

She had made plans to spend the night with Sarah and Jen but, at the last moment, decided to stay home.***Saturday dawns with diaphanous skies. Their six-year-old son, Nicholas, attends Dryden Elementary. ”The Starr sisters are visiting my room at the Best Western Hotel outside Dryden.

The day is so sunny, so clear, that the natives, accustomed to clouds, find the silver-blue blaze almost disorienting. From an upstairs bedroom, one can look down into the Hajneys’ bathroom.“John Andrews is not behaving appropriately,” says Janie. We have been out for an Italian dinner at the A-1 restaurant, and now the girls are sitting on the huge double-king bed in my room, looking through their high school scrapbooks, doing their best to sort through the painful memories. They fasten their seat belts to drive one hundred yards across a parking lot. If Russell Crowe appears with a sword, they walk out of the theater. Merchant, he leaves the cul-de-sac by the Starr home and drives to the grave of his high school sweetheart, Shari Fitts.

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