Dating confused girl

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However, if I pleasure someone else in my fantasies it's always women - I don't find giving oral or hand jobs to men attractive at all.In the non-fantasy world, I am often attracted to women and men in a sexual way.I'm 25 and live with my boyfriend of almost two years.Before him I was with another guy for seven years who I lived with, before that a boy for one year and school boyfriends etc! I've kissed girls on nights out (non alcohol influenced) but as part of a game as a group etc.My boyfriends have said they wouldn't be surprised if I said I was bi/gay – I’m not sure why as I’ve never spoken about my female fantasies with them.

But the real question is, how can you tell if she's NOT a lesbian? I'm overwhelmed by menial tasks, like responding to text messages and listening to voicemails.

I wouldn't have the first clue on how to find out if I am bisexual or gay.

My best friend and my older sister would be horrified if I was gay, so I can't talk to anyone about this.

In your opinion could I be bi/gay or do you think I'm barking up the wrong tree?

Confused about Sexuality Thanks for writing in with your story.

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