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De Simone joined Paul Vario’s East New York crew in Brooklyn in 1965. De Simone was ten years younger than Henry Hill, even though Pesci looks older than Ray Liotta in the movie.

also makes it look like Hill and De Simone were kids together. “Jimmy came by the cabstand one day with a skinny kid who was wearing a wiseguy suit and a pencil mustache,” it reads in Nicholas Pileggi's . He was one of those kids who looked younger than he was just because he was trying to look older.

Remo was dead within a week, he didn’t have a clue what was coming to him,” it says in . We were all playing cards at Robert’s when Jimmy said to Remo, ‘Let’s take a ride.’ He motioned to Tommy and another guy to come along.

Remo got in the front seat and Tommy and Jimmy got in the rear.

It is much smaller than the press or entertainment presents. Things become true if they’re repeated enough and word on the street is that nobody knows nothing.

If Bucceroni did come up through child prostitution on his way to a short-lived criminal career, it is entirely possible that he would have traversed the worlds he talks about. Everyone knows something, most of them just keep their mouths shut.

Hill said De Simone strangled Dominick "Remo" Cersani, pretty much because Jimmy Burke told him to.

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De Simone killed a random stranger named Howard Goldstein as he walked down the street.Hill fingered Tommy in hijackings, robberies, blackmail, explosives, insurance fraud, and murder, something Tommy did like he was wired that way.For one job, Tommy was supposed to lean on a warehouse foreman named Stanley Diamond, but De Simone wound up killing him., Tommy De Vito, played by Joe Pesci, gets whacked by John Gotti’s family in retribution for killing made man Billy Batts, played by Frank Vincent.Robert De Niro’s character "Jimmy the Gent" Conway gets the news in a phone booth which he pummels in a fit of rage. Kennedy International Airport on December 11, 1978 pulled in over million in cash alone.

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