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But she still talks to her old mugu, adds him on Skype again etc. I always get the shiveries at these points because they are usually the start of a flashback and suddenly, the old dreams and feeling of betrayal are back again.

I guess I have understimated that in the victims´ minds, "X" is the scammer but the "hotel manager" and the "Ghana police" and other obvious associates are not - so they are not ignored, no matter how often I say "ignore the scammer", because for them they are not the scammer = the message writer.

A great 1 page description on what is important for TV vs. On TV they showed seconds of footage with pixillated face, she asked the journalist for the original footage, she sent her a DVD but it was just the TV movie again.

Now she feels that somehow, the media might have taken advantage of her somewhat, she does not see her as helpful in this but is glad to have done it in order to help raise public awareness a bit and considers everything worth the trouble.

Hula-Girl is from Germany and she has written a scam-journal, during the scam and on her way out, that includes her work with a local TV magazine talking about the scam experience (WISO on ZDF from Oct. So, it is from day 1 of her scam over to finding out on RS and her own baiting of other scammers as a consequence and her recovery scam "flashback" this spring til working with the WISO magazin people on getting the story out on a Central European TV station in autumn 2013.

The people portrayed on these photos are innocent men and women, NOT involved in scamming in any way and have nothing to do with scammers.That´s why I have read it over this weekend and tried a summary, which is necessarily bent by my own perspective on this, I hope Hula-Girl will join in a bit and clarify the bits that I tend to overlook.In a nutshell, the actual scam was a military scam: Fake US military met on Friendscout24, demanding money for himself and later for a trunk box.Many have reported this in Support Advice, that they are missing the chat time and the (fake) attention.The RPO search and dreams about RPO are a recurring subject even after more than half a year.

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