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Site visits may include soil screening, UAV survey mapping, and/or water or waste sampling and analysis.

Hazard remediation work may include, but is not limited to: redirecting stream flow around tailings and mining wastes; capping mining waste and tailings piles; removal of waste rock and tailings piles; installing drains at adits to reduce or control flow of metal-laden, low p H-water; applying low-cost, low-maintenance water treatment technologies; and removing chemical hazards and impacted soils.

To ensure AML Program long-term effectiveness and sustainability, and site reclamation effectiveness, the program has initiated and will continue to coordinate with partner organizations, including, but not limited to: The AML Program continually requires funding for site assessment activities and site reclamation work.

The poential remedial alternatives are evaluated, funding sources are identified, and plans for proceeding at each site are developed.

The costs of remedial actions are also considered as are other management concerns.

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