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Louisa May Alcott, the beloved writer of Little Women, which was basically a model of her own life with her sisters and her mother, asked this question, "What do girls do who haven't any mothers to help them through their troubles?

" This question is very plaguing, because when we look around us at the world, at the girls that we grow up with in school, the ones that we see growing up in the media spot light, and the women that we grow to love as close friends through out our lives.

This might not be because of an abandonment, it might be from the passing of the mother at an early age, but no matter what the reason is for the absence of a mother in a little girl's life, it really can affect them and mold them through out the rest of their life.

We see the girls who have grown up with no mother to guide them in the gentle, and sometimes quite frank ways that a mother does.

Time flies when you have your best friend and love of your life on your side. Love begins in a moment, grows over time, and lasts for eternity. It doesn’t matter where you go in life, what you do, it’s who you have beside you. It takes a second to fall in love, but a lifetime to prove its worth. In life’s adventure, may happiness be your destination.

It is an awkward, strange time filled with raging hormones and a nervous anxiety that goes along with it.

A man can't put himself in a girls shoes, because he has not been in her shoes before.

You two deserve the happiness you each bring to the union.

Count your anniversaries not by years alone, but by the great memories and happy times you’ve known. Many years of happiness together and watching dreams come true.

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