Scientific numerical dating

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Zero as a placeholder was invented independently in civilizations around the world, said Dr.Annette van der Hoek, Indiologist and research coordinator at the Zero Project.If philosophical and cultural factors found in India were important to the development of zero as a mathematical concept, it would explain why other civilizations did not develop zero as a mathematical concept, said van der Hoek.

Another example is an ancient Indian scroll called the Bhakshali manuscript.

Discovered in a field in 1881, researchers thought it also had originated in the ninth century.

However, recent carbon dating has revealed that it was probably written in the third or fourth century, which pushes the earliest recorded use of zero back 500 years.

He developed a symbol for zero: a dot underneath numbers.

"But he, too, does not claim to have invented zero, which presumably must have been around for some time," Gobets added.

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