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For instance, “A” can be encoded by “01000001,” “B” by “01000010,” and so on.Of course, computers do much more than just store information – they also process it in desired ways, using “logic gates.” A logic gate takes two bits of information as input and outputs one bit.And this means quantum computers would allow for much more extravagant simulations of chemistry, biology, and materials science.In addition to helping us understand these fields better, quantum computers could also help us engineer our own large molecules with desired properties.Public-key cryptography often relies on this fact for ensuring computer security.

They just as easily could have called them apples and oranges, or fairies and unicorns.Had they chosen the latter, a sequence of information in a computer wouldn’t read “00110101” but instead “fairy-fairy-unicorn-unicorn-fairy-unicorn-fairy-unicorn” and everything else would work exactly as it does today.Since most information is more complicated than can be expressed with a single bit, longer sequences are used.Only one of the doors needs to be unlocked for you to get into the house.Other logic gates exist such that other combinations of input bits lead to specific output bits.

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