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What caught my interest and lured me to watch was the Katakana subtitle.Being a bit of a Japanophile, I was thrilled that the filmmakers made Sapporo their setting; indeed, there is a lot more to Japan than just Tokyo or Kyoto.For example, to establish his presence, Tonyo appeals to national identity, nostalgia and longing: Filipino food and language.

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The film’s idealism serves it very well: Love trumps bitterness, good humor and kindness beat physical imperfections, and love blooms even in the middle of adversity.

Tonyo and Lea are economically vulnerable in the Philippines, and that is why they are in Japan.

Both deal with jobs in the hospitality industry, which has always been associated with Filipinos in Japan.

Konnten die Großeltern nicht kommen, bastelten die Eltern mit den Kindern für den Partner.

Am haben wir unsere Türen geöffnet: Vier Jungen (ab der 5.

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